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Scholarship Information


405 North Saginaw Road, Midland, MI 48640 (989) 631-2260



  • Application information will be treated as confidential. Names of applicants are withheld from the general membership, and only shared between the Board President and Tuition Chair.
  • Payment of the $100 registration fee is necessary prior to the application being accepted.
  • All scholarship applications are due no later than May 15th and applicants will be notified no later than June 1st. Any application received after May 15th will be considered based on funds still available after June1st and on a first come, first serve
  • A W-2 to support annual income is required. (Please attach to scholarship application.) The amount of scholarship will be based on need as determined by the Scholarship Committee.


When receiving a scholarship your child is required to have 90% attendance. If for some reason this requirement is not met, you will lose the scholarship, and you will be expected to pay your remaining tuition.

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Please use the back of this application to explain your need for scholarship


Child’s Name _______________________________________Telephone________________________


Parents’ Names ______________________________________________________________________


Address _________________________________________________________________________


How much will you be able to contribute toward tuition? ______________________________________


Are there any circumstances that would preclude you from fulfilling any additional job responsibilities? _________________________________________________________________________


Total # in household? _______________ Number of working adults in household?_________________


Employer(s) _________________________________________________________________________


Occupation(s) ________________________________________________________________________


Indicate which class you wish to enroll your child:


3’s & Young 4’s co-op                           4’s & Young 5’s private

3’s & Young 4’s private                           4’s & Young 5’s co-op



Return Application to the Tuition Chair :
St. John’s Episcopal Preschool

Attn: Scholarships/Tuition Chair   405 North Saginaw Road